Bespoke clothing featuring original artwork by artist Taylor Reed Branson.
Each garment is custom crafted by artisan seamstresses.

We create it better.

Bespoke clothing is about the love of making something unique. 

Art in
Public Space

Our intent is to make a positive impact on visual consciousness by bringing art into our shared public spaces.

Bespoke is defined as clothing that is personalized and custom made to a client’s specifications.

Our clothing represents the purest form of craftsmanship. There are no short cuts in our bespoke process and no compromises when it comes to fit, quality and craft.

Who We Are

Every product is more than a garment – it is a work of art, to last and be admired – and we craft each with the same love and attention that they will receive from their future wearers.


Evolving fashion

We aim to be cutting edge with our designs and process. Our passion is to go where no other clothier has gone before.

Custom Garments

No two garments will ever look the same. Even off the same pattern, slight difference make every product a true original.


Our products are patterned with custom fit at the center of our designs. For additional alterations, mail it to us.

Come & visit us today.

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